Home Visit Vet provides the following in-home veterinary services

General medical care for established existing patients only. We are not registering new patients for routine primary veterinary care.

Urgent medical care* for patients not registered with us

  • Residing in our inner visiting range – N1, N4, N5, N7, N16, N19, NW5, NW3
  • By referral from your primary care veterinary clinic. You must first contact them to see if they can help you. If a home visit is appropriate but they are unable to provide this, we may be able to assist as a one-off visit on a case-by-case basis and pending our schedule availability.

*Select urgent cases include urgent and potentially urgent cases where:

  • distress, pain, suffering are present, or will be if treatment is delayed
  • a telemedicine (remote) consultation or remote prescribing is not available or is not suitable
  • hospitalisation or certain diagnostics are not required
  • collapsed large dogs that cannot be transported to a clinic
We do not provide in-home services for pregnant and birthing dogs and cats.

Palliative Care, Quality of Life consultations, Euthanasia

  • for all pets within our visiting range
  • detailed information about these services is at